Negotiators who don't really want to negotiate

This would be really comical if it wasn't so tragic. Given that a) the Palestinian negotiating team cannot afford to agree to anything short of their maximalist (and therefore unrealistic) demands lest they end up disavowed (read: killed) by their own people, and b) that Livni, who is willing to give them almost everything (but not all) they ask lest she appears as the cause of the negotiations failure, we are looking at a surrealistic scene where each side doesn't really want to do what they're supposed to do, i.e. make concessions and reach agreements acceptable to both. Besides, by naming Livni as lead negotiator for Israel, Bibi appears to have been a master chess player: no matter what she ends up agreeing to, she will be disavowed by her side as much as the Palestinian representatives will be by theirs (the referendum Bibi was smart enough to say will have to ratify whatever agreement is reached is certain to reject Livni's over-the-top concessions). So don't expect peace to break out any time soon with these low-level negotiators just pretending to negotiate just to humor the US Secretary of State. The most charitable thing that can be said about these bad comedians is that they lack the right motivation needed to make a breakthrough. And therefore... there won't be any. An hilarious aside is to watch the Palestinians demand that American representatives be included in the negotiation process.... to do their dirty work for them. Right. As if.

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    Providencia Dahle (Saturday, 04 February 2017 22:55)

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