Did Obama intentionally outfox Bibi?

Given the bizarre gyrations Obama displayed in the last couple of months in regard to the Middle East turmoil, capped by a deeply questionable renewed conviction that talks must still be given a chance with Iran, one is entitled to wonder whether the US president actually knows what he's doing (in which case he is smarter than all of us put together), or if he is just a bumbling idiot who happens to have been extremely lucky (so far). One wonders because the end result at this stage is that he appears to have successfully boxed in Netanyahu and corralled him into a do-nothing position until such time as he (Obama, that is) judges that the famed renewed talks with the Iranians have failed (which they will, inevitably, as if the last 20 years of lies, dissimulations and delays by Iran had taught him absolutely nothing). But then again, with his back to the wall, is Bibi really boxed in? Beware of a cornered tiger. He might surprise us all. In this article, Elliott Abrams analyzes the options currently available, as bleak as they are.


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