If the Iranians were serious...

Now that the US administration is falling back head first into the delusional and futile exercise of building bridges with Iran, a little reality check is in order. The article below is sobering as the author clearly shows that for the Iranians it's in fact business as usual, i.e. dupe gullible westerners headed by the US president in order to gain yet more time while making no concessions whatsoever (gee, where did we hear that before? oh yes, this has been the consistent strategy of the Palestinians for the last 45 years or so…). The Iranians have clearly understood now that Obama has a big stick but has no intention to use it. So the game is easy: Mr. I-Don't-Bluff's real name is in fact Mr. I-Do-Bluff, which means that they can ignore his phony chest pounding and keep running towards the bomb while humoring him. According to another article in The Times of Israel (http://tinyurl.com/krq8y24), the Israeli government believes Iran is only two months away from reaching the level of uranium enrichment needed to produce their first nuclear bomb. What that means in practice, most likely, is that the window of opportunity for an Israeli attack is now almost closed. The next 6 weeks are going to be crucial. If Iran doesn't stop its enrichment program within 2 to 4 weeks at most, it will either be set a few years back thanks to an Israeli attack (probably without American support unless Iran makes the mistake of attacking US forces), or the world will learn to live with a nuclear Iran, with all the dangers that this will imply for the Middle East as a whole.


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