How to turn a meek student into a determined fighter

This is a good article by the Senior CAMERA Campus coordinator in Boston, in which she recounts the trauma she went through at Hampshire College in her first two years there at the hands of the local Students for Justice in Palestine, who showed as they do everywhere else how they think they can get away with intimidation tactics to silence pro-Israel voices. What is relevant here, and it should be read by our students for that reason, is the way she described her evolution in facing these little fascists, from being intimidated to becoming angry and finally to deciding to take action, i.e. stand up to their thuggish behavior. The ultimate irony is that she is grateful to them for having inspired her to become engaged to fight for Israel on campuses, which led her to her current position. Of equal importance is her conclusion that "being meek and quiet" is not the way to go given the despicable psychological mindset of the pro-Palestinian crowd, made of people who believe that they can be abusive to someone simply because he or she doesn't share their views on Israel. This is an important message for all students in this coming year, proving once again that following the lead of Jewish organizations who claim to be pro-Israel but insist at the same time that the emphasis must remain on "respectful dialogue" and only repeat like a mantra that "Israel wants peace" has lost all credibility and must be abandoned and ignored. One doesn't win a battle by letting aggressors dictate their terms. Telling our students that they must only talk about peace is to do them an enormous disservice, if not putting them outright at risk. It's like sending soldiers into battle with wooden spears to face a well trained army equipped with real weapons. It's unconscionable. If he people who claim to look after the students are actually preventing them from fighting effectively, the latter will be better off looking for information and training elsewhere.

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