The world's fastest anti-Israel resolutions machine

This has got to be a world record worthy of the Guinness Book: as French blog JSSNews reports, 6 anti-Israel resolutions were voted by UNESCO at its 192nd session this past Friday in Paris in exactly 32 minutes!!! That comes down to one resolution voted every 5 minutes and 20 seconds! (see if you can read French). The Times of Israel has a short article explaining what happened here: But the best article on the subject is the one below, for the following reasons: 1. it tells us that in addition to its ability to print anti-Israel resolution faster than one could slice a salami, UNESCO decided last month to honor Che Guevara, the famed thug, guerrilla and assassin who murdered in cold blood scores of Cubans when Fidel Castro took over Cuba. Nice. 2. it informs us also that, wouldn't you know it, Obama has been trying for over a year now to get Congress to lift the financial sanctions the organization was automatically punished with when it ignored US admonitions to not recognize "Palestine" as a full-fledged member. They did anyway and have been crying ever since that they're hurting. Well, yes, that was the idea, but it is not encouraging to see our president push to not only lift this deserved penalty, but in addition to try to include payments for the years in arrear! Why should UNESCO worry then, knowing that eventually they will get their money anyway thanks to an unjustifiably forgiving US president? That would explain their smug attitude and the carelessness with which they thumbed their nose at both Israel and the US. What a joke. The best we can do is (again since Reagan did it first in 1984) leave this  useless organization for good and let them suffer the joys of not receiving the US manna.

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