J Street doesn't fool too many people

This is delectable. Here we have someone who "opposes settlement building" (i.e. someone who still believes that it's the main obstacle to peace when anyone honest enough to have done a minimum oaf research knows that it's Palestinian rejectionism that is the only reason there still is no peace), and thought therefore that he would be in friendly territory by attending the third J Street annual conference. Alas… that didn't last very long. After realizing in short order that the J Street rank and file is clearly a bunch of self-righteous fanatics not one bit interested in actually discussing the issues, he practically ran away. The wonderful thing about fanatics is that they never know when to stop, and they keep pushing until they either impose their views or get violently rejected. J Street is well on its way to re-discovering this age-old truth. And anyone naive enough to have been lured by their siren song of finding the right way to peace better wake up and realize that there is nothing rosy in their agenda. Run away from them while you still can.


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