Muslim Brotherhood setbacks

The Muslim Brotherhood, which not so long ago extended its tentacles all over the Middle East and seemed unstoppable, has been suffering some pretty nasty setbacks lately. Between its massive rejection by the Egyptian people themselves and the fight the Brothers are having now with the Egyptian army in Gaza and the Sinai, there doesn't seem to be much they can look forward to (not to mention the fact that they have been completely banned, making them illegal). The last bastion was Jordan, where they constituted an ever-present threat to the Hashemite dynasty, but there, too, they are suffering a loss of influence and political weight. The interesting question is why, which is what David Schenker attempts to explain in the article below. All in all, these are good news. The Islamists are losing ground everywhere except Syria. It is encouraging to see that it is the citizens of these countries themselves who are rejecting hard-core Islamist attempts to impose sharia law on everyone. That's good news to the extent that it is indeed the Muslim populations themselves who will have to free themselves from the shackles of the fundamentalist interpretation of Islam that has been holding them back for centuries. No one else can do it for them.

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