Pro-Palestinian stunt at Rutgers scares student population

Pro-Palestinian students really know how to make themselves popular. At Rutgers, they came up with the brilliant idea of placing mock eviction notices under the door of almost 1000 students (this gimmick has been tried on a few colleges already). These geniuses rationalize that inconveniencing such a large number of students to give them an idea of what Palestinians go through is perfectly legitimate. The same logic stands behind their mock checkpoints, through which they force the entire student population to go even if the majority of said students couldn't care less. The twisted logic goes like this: "Yes, we know we're annoying and inconveniencing you, but if you don't like it you should blame Israel". They never explain of course why some Palestinians are evicted, which is either for harboring terrorists or for building without permits. This is important to understand: it is the mindset of terrorists, who see nothing wrong in striking innocent people who have nothing to do with their battle, only to blame someone else. "The Israelis made me do it because of their occupation of 'Palestinian land' ".  Can you imagine pro-Israel students spraying ketchup at random on students on their way to classes or to the library just to get everyone to feel what it's like to be caught near a suicide bombing? It would stem from the same logic, but of course it will never happen, because pro-Israel students and faculty don't hold everyone else hostage to their cause. Only the pro-Palestinians do. As such, one would expect the college administrations to take measures to prevent such abuses, but alas, we know the answer to that expectation. Instead of suspending immediately (better yet, disband) the SJP Rutgers chapter, "Students who felt their privacy was violated by the incident were told to fill out a bias incident report on the university's website.". Right. Thats going to give them all the comfort and reassurance they need. What's needed is to eliminate SJP as a student group and evict from the college the goons responsible for this stunt. Let's wait and see what Rutgers does. Don't bet too much money on their doing the right thing, though.

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