Will Israel ever learn?

Once again, Israel is being taught the same old lesson that it seems it never wants to learn: stop listening to international critics and yield to pressure to give the Palestinians everything they demand. After two recent wars in Gaza during which Israel destroyed large numbers of rockets and the Hamas terrorism infrastructure, the Jewish state thought it could show itself magnanimous and allow into the strip all sorts of products that it had prohibited until then. Among these products were concrete slabs and cement, not allowed for fear that Hamas would use them to build more underground shelters and tunnels. Well, what do you know? As predictable as ever, Hamas abused Israel's good heart and got to work building… more underground shelters and tunnels! Back to square one: will the lesson finally register this time? I'm not so sure but one can always hope. From now on, there should be a complete ban on cement and concrete slabs, no matter how the eternal Hamas apologists howl in protest. Had this tunnel not been discovered in time, God only knows how many more innocent Israelis would have paid with their lives since it was to emerge deep into Israeli territory. Hamas should be made to pay a price now for this massive infraction.


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