Not so lonely after all

Israel's enemies and its own eternally self-flagellating and suicidal lefties love to repeat that if the Jewish State doesn't do what they idiotically prescribe (i.e. surrender and allow the Palestinians to take over and, in due time, destroy Israel), it is doomed to eternal isolation. As for almost everything that comes from that corner, this is yet more hogwash. In fact, here's the good news: Israel has many friends. Many more than most people give it credit for. This article makes the case rather well.

And if anyone still would rather cling to the notion that it is isolated no matter what is said here, I conducted the following simple research (you can ask people these questions yourself, and have fun with the results).

First question: how many countries are there in the world? Answer: 198.
Second: How many countries have recognized Israel (and therefore have diplomatic relations with it)? Answer: 159.
Third: How many countries refuse to recognize Israel? Answer: 35.
Fourth: How many Muslim countries are there in the world? Answer: 56.

So it follows that despite the myth that it is isolated and that all Muslim countries are declared enemies, in fact many Muslim countries do recognize Israel. For a country reputed to suffer the modern equivalent of the bubonic plague, it is actually doing rather well, thank you very much. How could that be? Maybe this: could it be that all these countries realize that Israel has a lot to offer them (and has already helped quite a few, as a matter of fact), while the Palestinians have been able to offer virtually nothing but trouble? Now, what Israel needs to do is to turn this growing capital of goodwill into more aggressive diplomatic initiatives to turn the tide of automatic votes at the UN. It will still require a lot of work, but it is feasible.

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