An important reminder about Palestinian delusions

This is a good reminder of the real reason why peace can't happen. In two words: Palestinian ideology. This bizarre construct, made of total denial of reality replaced by utopian outcomes, guarantees that compromise and concessions, which define the process of negotiating solutions to problems, will never happen. The Palestinians have boxed themselves into a zero-sum game universe where they phantasize that, with the helpd of so many enablers in the world, their version of the outcome will take place. All 100% of it. Delusional people don't take it well when reality bites. They don't see it as an indicator that maybe their approach is not working. They believe that they can force the square peg of their delusions into the round hole of reality. And when it doesn't work, what do you think they do? Stop and consider why it's not working? Hell, no! They get mad! That's how they handle it, making sure that someone, Israel in this case, is blamed for the mismatch. There's little one can do here, short of providing psychiatric assistance. But in the meantime it doesn't help when the US Secretary of State treats the deranged as if they were sane, frittering away American credibility over a lost cause in the process.

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