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A couple of evenings ago, former US Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer gave a well-delivered and interesting lecture to introduce his new book “The Peace Puzzle” at the Jewish Book Fair in San Diego. I will get back to that event in another post, but what struck me, as it does every time J Street utters some of its nonsense, is the sheer denial of Palestinian realities that these allegedly seasoned diplomats demonstrate over and over again. When I asked why he (and Kerry, whom he seems to hold in high esteem) maintain the fiction of parity between Israel, and accomplished modern nation in every respect, and the Palestinian authority, a dysfunctional, failed pseudo-state led by a den of thieves with an illegitimate president who has postponed elections for the last five years, his only response was, yes, I agree that they are not reliable, and I don’t feel sorry for them because they brought their fate on themselves, but….. they’re all we’ve got (!!!). With this astonishing response, all Palestinian are thus absolved and we have no choice (according to this deluded school) but to merrily pretend that they are normal, honorable and reliable “peace partners”. What a farce.

In the article below, Evelyn Gordon puts the onus right back on what should be the main topic of discussion: if you deal with someone whose history is that he consistently lied and never honored any of the promises he made, why on earth would you be foolish enough to keep pretending that everything’s ok and that he will behave any differently? That’s called either masochism or sheer stupidity, and Kerry has no business forcing Israel to adopt this self-defeating position. The answer to Kurtzer, J Street, Kerry and all the other pundits who keep putting pressure on Israel rather than on the Palestinians, is precisely that it’s the latter who need to dramatically improve the quality and seriousness of their pseudo-state and its institutions. For starters, Kerry should not even be talking to Mr. Abbas, let alone call him “Mr. President”, when in fact he is president of nothing. Ask him first to organize a new round of elections, and only if he is re-elected will he become a legitimate partner with whom negotiations can be pursued. And that would be just the first step. There are several more.


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