Israel has every right and every reason to freak out

If the current crisis, caused entirely by American cowardice and expediency at the expense of Israel, ends up in less than a total rout, it will be in no small part due to the admirable strength, courage and determination of the Israeli Prime Minister, in particular considering the fact that he is being bullied and intimidated by the most powerful man in the world. Or rather, by the man formerly known as the most powerful man in the world, since his habit of roaring to appear tough only to back down in front of despicable and monstrous tyrants has turned him into the laughing stock of every thug on the planet. This is a message that the Iranians have perfectly understood, as they showed with deftness in Geneva. What is astounding is to watch the same Obama then try to order Bibi to tone down his criticism of the horrendous deal the US President seems so proud of instead of being ashamed of himself. Luckily for Israel and the rest of the world, Bibi told the US president that he could put his recommendations where he could access them easily. The parallel with Munich is thus becoming every day more evident. Obama is Chamberlain, and Netanyahu is Churchill. At the next round of negotiations in Geneva, if the Western alliance (where did France disappear, byt the way?) doesn’t get hold of itself and demands that Iran completely cancels its nuclear program, prepare yourself for some swift Israeli action. In the short term, Netanyahu may find himself relating Churchill’s famous admonition in May 1940: "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” But there can be no alternative. Hitler didn’t have a nuclear weapon. Iran will if it isn’t stopped.

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