Palestinians said (surprise) to reject Kerry layout for peace plan

The Palestinians make the work of any would-be analyst of the Middle East conflict at least 50% easier than would any other group. Why? Because they are so predictable. Their stand has remained the same over the years, devoid of any subtlety or sophistication. Simple in the extreme, it can be summed up in one single word: “Lah!” (“No!” in Arabic). Whatever plan anyone over the years has come up with after toiling over it for months if not years to entice them to a minimum of conciliation has met with the same wall, as solid and eternal as the Kotel itself. It should therefore not come as a surprise to anyone to see that our prediction has been once again confirmed: they’ve said no again, to Kerry this time, and the current round of pseudo-negotiations in which Kerry has invested so much of his own time and credibility is fast unraveling, despite the US Secretary of State’s pathetic attempts to claim that everything is still on track. No doubt the Israeli public watches with a mix of amusement and astonishment this new iteration of the ultimate exercise in futility that has been the idea of getting the Palestinians to make peace.

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