Kerry pushes Israel against the wall

The abandonment of Israel by the lethal tandem Obama-Kerry in Geneva was apparently not enough. Now Kerry wants to push even harder to - what else - force the Jewish state to make yet more concessions while, once again, asking nothing from the Palestinians in return. In this clearly anguished article, Caroline Glick paints a dark picture of where all this is leading: if Israel is not threatened by an Iranian nuclear bomb in the near future, Kerry is handing it the ceremonial knife to commit Seppuku (also known as Hara-Kiri, or suicide the old Japanese way). This is getting so old. Over and over again, overzealous American leaders make demands of both sides at first (more or less, usually demanding more of Israel than from the Palestinians), and when said Palestinians simply stick to their time-proven strategy of playing dead and not making one concession, the zealots turn to the only side that will pay attention to their pressure: Israel. Conclusion? Enough already: it’s time for Israel to draw its own red lines, the first of which should be to adopt the Palestinian attitude of passive resistance and refuse to even discuss as long as they don’t agree to the fundamentals, the most important of which is to recognize Israel as the only Jewish State in the world. All the rest is a waste of time. It’s that simple: how can anyone be asked to make a deal with a putative partner that negates the fact that you exist in the first place? That’s completely surreal. And I’m not even talking about the old “right to exist” bizarre notion since nobody on the planet asked anyone for permission before appearing in this world. We all exist, period. It’s a physical fact. The same rule applies to States: they exist, whether that fact pleases others or not. Maybe Israel should tell Kerry that they don’t recognize his right to exist as US Secretary of State as long as the Palestinians do the same to Israel to get him to understand what denial of existential reality means. Just a thought.

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