Syrian casualties receive Israeli help

In a strange reversal of attitudes to credit entirely to the generosity of Israel treating casualties of the horrible civil war in Syria next door, the word now in Syria (at least in rebel ranks) is that the Jews are good guys after all. Better yet, they are their only hope since they cannot access proper medical treatment anywhere in Syria today. History is filled with such unexpected turns of events, but this one is particularly interesting given the fact that the beneficiaries of Israel’s benevolence are people who were raised since the cradle in the belief that the Jews were the closest thing to the devil incarnate and that they had no right to live among Muslims. Even though it is a shock for many Syrians today, it doesn’t take them very long to realize the dimenstion of the lies they were forced to swallow. With each Syrian patient returning to Syria today (close to 1,000 today if you add civilians and combatants), a little bit more of the light of truth will penetrate the darkness of lies. Of course Israel also expects something out of this, i.e. intelligence regarding the different components of the anti-Assad forces. Some Syrians agree to share what they know as a show of gratefulness, others prefer to keep quiet, and Israel doesn’t force them to talk. Once they’re back on their feet, they are returned to Syria.

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