Islam is losing credibility among... Muslims!

In this fascinating article (a little on the long side, but well worth reading slowly to better absorb its implications) the author gives us a panoramic view of the status of Islam, consistently defeated by Western powers in the last 500 years and trying desperately since to regain both meaning and power for its followers. Even though it’s happened several times before in history, the reaction of many Muslims today has been to return to a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam as the only solution to all of their problems, but it has failed miserably and delivered countless misery instead of the promised earthly paradise. The bigger the promises, the more bitter the disappointment when they are not delivered. We are witnessing the second biggest crisis of Islam in history, and a surprising but logical result is that more and more Muslims, embarrassed or directly affected by the savage violence and cruelty exhibited by the Islamists (called "revivalists" here), are simply doing the unthinkable: they’re walking away from Islam itself. Like the remarkable Ayaan Hirsi Ali, they are concluding that it can’t be reformed nor redeemed, and therefore their only choice is to leave it behind in order to be able to rejoin the rest of the human race and live in peace and safety. It’s not going to be easy and there will be a lot of deadly thrashing, but we may well be at a point in history where we will be able to witness the decline of Islam.

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