Thanks to the Palestinians, the Presbyterians are self-destructing

In a pattern repeated everywhere from college campuses to unions to churches to media, once the virus of pro-Palestinian “activism” (i.e. Israel hatred) is contracted, polarization and conflict between people who until then got along just fine follows. It’s a plague, but oddly enough it hasn’t been diagnosed as such yet. What is even more striking is to witness the same institutions, from UNESCO to the ASA (American Studies Association) end up severely hurting themselves if not self-destructing as a result. It appears that the CDC in Atlanta has not identified the virus yet, but it could be named something along the lines of “Palestinus Lemmingus”, Latin for “the Palestine virus that leads people and institutions to behave like lemmings and throw themselves over the cliff”. The Presbyterian Church USA is well on its way, having contracted the virus in 2004. Despite several attempts to inject different types of vaccines, the Presbyterian Church USA is still in suicidal mode. Maybe the best thing to do is to let it proceed and be done with. When enough institutions self-destruct, it could be that finally the others, even among the ones who like to think of themselves as liberal, will get the message and close their doors to pro-Palestinian activists, whose universal track record has been to leave nothing but a trail of discord, destruction and hatred behind them, a path so much easier to follow than the much harder path of responsibility, reconciliation, acceptance, forgiveness and cooperation, which is what you would expect a genuine religious institution to promote.

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