YES! J Street rejected from the "big tent"

This is fantastic news (thanks to Mitch Dantzig)! Sanity seems to have prevailed in the end, when there were serious concerns that the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations might vote to include J Street as a legitimate Jewish organization within their ranks, when it should have been clear by now that it is nothing more than a Trojan Horse. It is reassuring that more than half of the conference members came to state out loud what the majority of American Jews really think of J Street. Undeterred, J Street lamented that they still represent "a substantial segment of Jewish opinion on Israel”. Well, hello? No, you don’t, and this is proof. When you live in a universe made of massive denials, even a reality check like this one is not going to wake you out of your self-induced coma… So J Street should be left to its delusions, but at least now they cannot claim to be representative of the Jewish community, and that needs to be made clear urbi et orbi. They only represent themselves.

Now the fallout of this decision should be also a determined effort from communities with colleges like ours to push back J Street U as well, which as the article below points out, has proved dangerously seductive to a number of Jewish students. In this respect, Hillel has played an ambiguous role, supporting J Street U on some campuses or co-hosting events with them, thereby giving them a legitimitacy that it should be clear now it does not deserve. That means Hillel will have to come clean and distance itself clearly from J Street U. Given Hillel’s structure of large autonomy given to each community director, it will be up to each one of them to state exactly where they stand. And the ones who maintain that J Street U should still be included in theit own big tent will run the risk of being ostracized themselves. The latest statement by J Street, while unbelievable (it refused to condemn the latest Fatah-Hamas deal!!!), is perfectly in line with their warped ideology of blaming Israel and giving a pass - again - to the Palestinians. That is the behavior of an organization that is anti-Israel. In now way can it even remotely be called pro-Israel. The people who support J Street should consequently reconsider doing so. If they are really pro-Israel, that is.

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