J Street behaves like the Palestinians

J Street behaves like the Palestinians: arrogantly demanding what they want and angrily rejecting any questioning of their warped logic, they then claim to be victimized when their immature behavior is not accepted by the mainstream Jewish community. And that’s because they have taken up the cause of the Palestinians themselves, posing as the “guardian” of their interests in the Jewish community at large in order to “protect” them from Israel alleged "oprression". If this was not surreal enough for you, now they have been massively rejected, they nevertheless brandish their rejection as a victory because that rejection proves how much they’re needed! Their conceit knows no limit and boggles the mind. In the article below, Lori Lowenthal Marcus shares her astonishment in the face of such gall. Bottom line: if J Street thinks it is going to endear itself to more people by adopting these tactics, it is sorely mistaken. And since its fate is so closely tied to the Obama administration's, in two years from now, maybe sooner, it will be history, having miserably failed at trying to force Israel to follow a suicidal course that would never have solved the Middle East conflict. By entrenching itself even more instead of making amends, J Street keeps digging its own grave. I’ll drink to that.

In the meantime, there is nevertheless a more dangerous development triggered by J Street’s adolescent antics: some leaders of the Reform movement are taking J Street’s side on the assumption that it was treated unfairly by the Conference. That can only lead to an even deeper rift within the American Jewish community than the one already existing regarding Israel. Taking J Street’s side is the epitome of betting on the worst possible horse. Making it its champion guarantees there will be losses on all sides and no winner. J Street has already spread a large amount of poison and caused rifts in all quarters. Its rejection by the Conference was the first salutary move towards maintaining the relative cohesion of the Jewish community, damaged by J Street’s all-out demands and forceful tactics used against Israel. If the Reform movement maintains its support for J Street, it will de facto signifies its agreements with its objectives. In a word, it will be joining the ranks of Israel’s enemies pretending to be her friends. This would be a good time for members of the Reform movement to have a talk with their respective rabbis and leaders and tell them to back away from J Street ASAP.  Otherwise, within the next two years (probably the last ones of its short life), J Street will have been allowed to achieve only one thing: destroy the Jewish community from inside. What the Palestinians could never achieve from outside, J Street will have done from inside. The enemy (and make no mistake, that’s what J Street is) is at the gates. The Conference prevented it from coming inside, but if the Reform movement opens these gates during the night… Troy, here we come.


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