Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Judging by the content of your web site, “T.E.A.M.” appears to be a pro-Israel organization. Are you anti-Palestinian?
A. Not in the least. We support the idea that the Palestinians have the same right as the Israelis to live a normal life in a country of their own, but we also believe that they need to be held to the same standards of accountability as the Israelis are. If Israel is to be held to high standards, as it is now, then the Palestinians must be held to the same ones. Conversely, if the Palestinians are held by the international community to low standards, there is no reason to hold the Israelis to higher ones. Fair is fair. You cannot have different sets of rules for different players in the same game.


Q. With so many pro-Israel organizations already out there, why add yet another one?
A. For one thing, as mentioned above, we are not blindly “pro-Israel”, even if we advocate an equitable and fair treatment of Israel. For a second, there is no single umbrella organization in America (or in the world for that matter) that coordinates all the activities needed to bring balance to the general debate on the Middle East conflict. Among the existing ones, each has a specific role within the big picture. CAMERA focuses on correcting false or misleading media reports. AIPAC lobbies our legislators in our Nation’s capital. StandWithUs’ strength is in providing tools for students to fight back on the many campuses where Palestinian propaganda has made inroads. Palestinian Media Watch and MEMRI bring invaluable and multiple proof of the mixed (and often contradictory) messages spoken by Palestinian and Arab leaders when they speak in Arabic as opposed to when they speak in English, etc. For all the excellent work that these groups perform, there is one aspect that we feel is missing: interfacing with the public at large and presenting a more balanced view than the one they routinely get through biased or poorly informed media. It’s a grass-root oriented effort that few have explored so far. Hence T.E.A.M.'s creation.


Q. Still, do you intend to produce more material than what has already been published or created by these other organizations?
A. We don’t intend to duplicate the majority of excellent material that is already out there. There is no point wasting time and resources by reinventing the wheel. AIPAC, CAMERA, StandWithUs, Blue Star PR and several others have already produced outstanding material that we use in our lectures and workshops. The only exception so far has been the series of PowerPoint presentations that we have put together for our classes given the paucity of similar training material found on the market.