Legal and political analysis of the European Union Israel's grants guidelines
As Israel and Europe negotiate over the EU's recently adopted Israel Grants Guidelines, the attached analysis from the Kohelet Policy Forum, authored by two Senior Fellows, Prof. Avi Bell and Prof. Eugene Kontorovich shows that the Guidelines are not, as the EU claims, required by international law. Moreover, they are discriminatory in that they are inconsistent with the EU's policies in parallel situations. The EU provides aid to numerous countries that maintain settlements in what Europe considers occupied territory, such as Morocco, Turkey, and Russia. In none of these cases has it imposed limitations on the aid akin to the Guidelines for Israel. Indeed, the report reveals that in some of these situations, the EU directly and openly funds the occupation regime and settlers. The Guidelines undermine the Israeli-Palestinian peace process by seeking to foreclose issues that are preserved for negotiations, and threaten territorial arrangements already established by existing agreements.
EUs Israel Grants Guidelines A Legal and
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